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From Scoutt’s Seat

April 1, 2012



This is an unedited email that Scoutt sent his buddies at home.  It is so rare that he writes anything while we travel, in fact, the first time I left the country while we were dating I forced him to get an email account so we could communicate.  When he read this email to me […]

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Barcelona – Whimsy and Good Food

March 26, 2012



About a year ago one tweet set in motion a string of events that culminated in our stay in Barcelona.  @SFSlim recommended the people follow @supdegrave, the reason was simple, @supdegrave was starting an 18 month motorcycle trip around the world.  That was reason enough for me. Over the course of the year we chatted […]

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The Elusive WiFi

March 22, 2012



It’s been nearly two weeks since I posted and although I must take some of the blame for this, the majority of it was due to the elusive WiFi.  This creature hides in hat shops, lures its pray into expensive coffee shops, introduces the hunter to pizza with honey on it (don’t knock it ’till […]

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