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Vietnam Visa #1

Saturday morning I was reading a suggested itinerary for Vietnam when I discovered that, despite pouring over Lonely Planet’s guide to South East Asia, I had managed to miss the small detail of needing a prearranged visa to Vietnam. Panic ensued.

Monday = Bank Holiday

Tuesday = With Annetta’s help, I drove from Santa Rosa to Berkeley in search of shoes and passport photos, neither of which we found. From Berkley to Petaluma,where I found shoes and printed my own passport photo’s aided by Josh’s fancy camera and FedEx/Kinkos. From Petaluma to my house boat in Sausalito, where I preceded to stay up until 3am due to the hamster running on the wheel of anxiety in my head.

Wednesday = Up at 7am, off the dock at 7:32am, in traffic on Van Ness Ave at 8am and at the Vietnam Consulate at 8:15am. All was said and done by 9am, no major snags and I can pick up my visa and passport on Monday morning, exactly 2 days before I board my flight.

Go Team!


One comment on “Vietnam Visa #1

  1. Dawson
    February 18, 2009

    *claps* Bravo! Wow, that’s impressive. See? It’s that sort of get it done mentality that made you a disgustingly high scoring student in our high school days. 😛

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