Tre Lost

Car Accident

First things first: I’m ok. Very sore, taking pain killers, and going to the doctors, but I’m ok.



Now for the story:
Scoutt and I were driving down the hill to run errands and get lunch in separate cars so that I could head to the boat later, the roads were covered in water from the torrential rain we have been having, and as we rounded the last corner before the High School, a turquoise Transam lost control.

He was driving up the hill, when he lost control, he back end sliding out around him and pushing him into our lane. I watched in horror as his front end narrowly missed the back of Scoutt’s Golf and he came barreling towards me.

There was nothing I could do, just hit the breaks and wait for him to hit me. And hit me he did with a massive metal on metal crunch and shoved me into the mud embankment.

With three days until my flight leaves, I starred at my handicap placard, thought “As if I didn’t have enough problems of my own” and burst into tears. Scoutt, who had backed up and re-directed traffic, was at my side almost intimidated, holding my hand and assessing my car.

My poor Toyota Corrolla. He says it can be fixed but the thing is 15 years old and will probably be totaled by the insurance company.

We waited in the rain for the CHP who had us move out of the way, then asked for our information. This is the kicker…. The driver of the Transam is UNLICENSED! Thank god the car had insurance on it, but really?!? unlicensed. GRRR

Because my car was mostly drivable and the accident was clearly not my fault, the CHP let us go. Scoutt drove my car back up the hill, after ripping part of the bumper off and I drove his Golf. I went directly to get checked out by our friends who are doctors, then to bed and then to the hot tub.

I’m sore all over and know that it will only get worse tomorrow. I’m hoping that a massage and an adjustment tomorrow will get me back into working condition. Still no word on whether or not this will delay my trip. Thank god for Travel Guard insurance, if I need delay to it won’t cost me a thing.


One comment on “Car Accident

  1. Mich
    March 1, 2009

    WAAAH?! I’m so glad to hear you’re ok!

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