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Packing #3: Gear

I am nearly done packing. Luckily I had got a lot done before driving down the hill and being smashed by the Transam (see Car Accident).

With the exception of the mosquito net Zander and Gwen lent me, my backpack is totally packed and ready to go. I am sure that in the next three days I will unpack and repack once more, but it is looking good. My backpack weighs under 25lb, which is a total success in my book, I have carried more weight in my Timbuck2 bag at school.

Here is some of the stuff I am bringing.
Two bags: one backpack and one purse, see “Packing #1”

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX01 digital camera with a Leica lens –
Scoutt and I found this camera about two years ago when we pulled into a dirt parking lot near HWY 395 on our way to some wild hot springs. It had just started to snow and we spotted the red leather case amidst all the white.

SPOT Satellite Personal Messenger
This tracker allows me to send one of three messages, attached to a GoogleMap of my location, to the real world while I am exploring; “Having fun in Asia”, “Not doing well but working on it. Don’t Panic. Up-dates to fallow.” and “9-1-1” which sends search-and-rescue teams to find me. The real reason behind this device is that last time I went traveling, if I didn’t e-mail for more than 4 days my Mom and Dad would start using every method they could, including checking my bank accounts, to make sure I was still alive. This allows my parents to sleep better at night and me the freedom to be away from a computer for more than 4 days.

Exped SynMat 7
With a bad pack, bad hips and bad knees the thought of sleeping on the rock-hard beds that Asia seems to think are acceptable is literally painful. My solution is this super thick and comfy sleeping pad that weighs just under 2lbs.

iPod Nano –
The cute square ones that Apple doesn’t cell anymore, loaded up with playlist from a variety of people and pictures of my house-boat and the people I love.

Petzl Zipka Plus LED Headlamp
I’ve taken this headlamp everywhere and I love it. It has a retractable strap so if fits in a purse very nicely and it is “Brighter than God” as Scoutt would say.

There are still a few more last minuet things to do. Most importantly, I need to find a larger SD card that is still compatible with the LUMIX. The 8gig HDSD I bought today doesn’t seem to work.

Wish me luck and hopefully the packing gods will smile down on me more than the driving gods have lately.


One comment on “Packing #3: Gear

  1. Buy-More-Stuff
    February 23, 2009

    pah, pathetic, you need WAY more stuff that that, just think of those poor starving ‘mericans who need your green backs.

    My advice, is buy more stuff, you can obviously carry it based on your comment about more stuff in the TimbuckToo.

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