Tre Lost

Sunday Night Market

Sunday night, Leana, Jonas, Jake and I met up to find a place for dinner. We had heard about the night market but weren’t supper interested in shopping, so we headed directly to a restaurant recommended by a girl staying at our Guest House. As we walked towards dinner we past a few stalls and hand crafts stands.
We had a great dinner – spicy curry for the Americans and pizza for the Swedes- and the boys drank one or two too many beers. By the time dinner was over we went back to the street to find it packed with people, music and handcrafts.

I thought the market would be the size of the Wednesday night market in Santa Rosa, one or two blocks, but it was massive, several blocks in all directions packed with people. Everything for sale was beautiful; silk scarfs, paintings, metal work, wood carvings, fun fashion clothing, photography… everything. I was wishing the whole time that I had a bigger bag so I could buy and buy and buy.

We wondered around for 2 hours and didn’t see the whole market. It went from the city center to the city wall in our area of the city. Every restaurant was packed with people and the streets were filled with music. Children and the blind would sit in the middle of the road and play traditional music or sing karaoke. At around 10:30pm the weather got a bit cool and we headed back to our guest house to get a much needed nights sleep.


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