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We went Zorbing! I saw it once in a Toyota commercial and have wanted to go ever since (I don’t remember anything about the car… Great Marketing!).

So here is how it works, you and a friend get in a massive blow up ball, strap yourselves in and go tumbling down the hill.

Leana, Jonas and I signed up for the trip a day ahead and went on Monday. A mini-bus picked us up from out hostel and drove like crazy to the country side. In the bus was one girl who was going bungy jumping and a couple going for an all day ATV ride.

We got there and Leana started to get scared, I was just too excited. Leana and Jonas went first, rolling down the hill with Leana screaming the whole way. They ended in the lake and she looked like she had jumped out of an airplane – white and shacking. Then it was my turn, Jonas got to go again so that the ball would be balance. I got in fist and they strapped me in, then rolled the ball so I was upside down and got him situated, the down the hill we went.

IT WAS AWESOME! I laughed the whole way down the hill. Every time I went around I could feel th ball change shapes as it hit the ground and it was a crazy cool feeling. We ended in the lake and unstrapped ourselves. As we rolled the ball back to the dock, I fell through the whole and into the lake, then the Zorbe went on-top of me and I swam away. Coming up for air, laughing so hard I could barely breath. All the tour guides were laughing at me and Leana looked like she might die.

At that point I’m drenched and high on adrenaline. Good thing I brought a change of clothes!


One comment on “Zorbing!

  1. Marci
    March 13, 2009

    Sounds like SO much fun! Next time i back out of one of these travel adventures with you, remind me of this and kick me really hard.

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