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Recommendations for Pai

I have a few recommendations for anyone wanting to travel to Pai in the north of Thailand.

1. Don’t go anytime near the Thai New Year or Valentines day. With in the last few years a major Thai movie star filmed a movie there and got married so it is overrun with Thai tourist during that season and it can become difficult to get in and out of the city or to find accommodation.

2. If you are traveling in the lower seasons don’t book your accommodation ahead of time, instead head to the river and find the bamboo foot bridge. On the other side there are many small bungalows for rent at reasonable prices.

2. If you are looking to visit the hill tribes you may consider doing a homestay with the Lisu. This was recommended to me by a girl from Australia.

3. Food:
Breakfast at the Witching Well. Western vegan and and vegetarian menu with a great atmosphere and lots of good books to read. Try the pancakes with mango and passion fruit.
Snack or Lunch at Divine Healing center. The carrot cake is as the name says divine.
Dinner at Good Life. Sit on a swing and enjoy the thai and western food as the owner’s children entertain you while they play.

4. Excersise:
There are lots of places to take a glass in Tai Chi or Yoga. Ask around and make sure the place you are going to is good. I highly recommend the full day beginners course at Mama Mam’s Yoga. (550B about $15 including lunch and dinner).

5. Trekking: If you are feeling very strong go to Back Trex (on the main road up the street from Maya travel agency) and talk to Preecha, he has 1,2 and 3 day treks into the hills. This man can do amazing things with Bamboo.
If you would rather raft or ride an elephant ask around before you purchase to make sure you get the best price, then go to the tour company that does the trek not an agency.

6. Getting there and away: Take the mini-buss for 4 hours don’t pay more than (180B).
If you want to fly somewhere book at a travel agency instead of online you will save yourself up to $100.

Happy Travels


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