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Good Morning Vietnam

Two taxi , one cyclo (bicycle petty cab) , one mini-bus rides and $30 – more than a days budget – Chris and I made it successfully to Hanoi Backpackes’, where we fell into the most comfortable beds in all of South East Asia.

This morning we put our two halves of a brain together and with the help of the travel girl at the hostel came up with a tentative schedule for Chris’ time in Vietnam and booked a three day trip to Halong Bay.

In an exhaustive effort we learned to cross the street- not an easy task- and explored a good part of Hanoi’s “Old Quarter”.

I wish we had more time in Hanoi but the trip to Halong Bay seems amazing. We will be kayaking, sleeping on a massive house boat, rock climbing and going to the limestone caves.

More updates and photos when we get to Hue on Friday.

One comment on “Good Morning Vietnam

  1. Christina
    March 19, 2009

    What, you think you are on some kind of vacation? Rock climbing and kayaking in exotic locations? Sounds like you are having a blast. Here in the real world… your deploma arrive, “now you are one”. much love,

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