Tre Lost

Beach Days

Hoi An Beach

Hoi An Beach

Saturday morning was spent running around ordering custom clothing. By 2pm Chris and I were exhausted and in desperate need of a break from Vietnamese sales people. Our original idea was to rent a motorbike and go to the beach but it turned out to be cheaper to have to guys drive us on the back of theirs. Labor here isn’t worth much and it was probably the safer option anyway.

We got dropped off at a little beach front restaurant and walked the beach before flopping on the beach chairs and watching the world go by with fruity drinks in our hands. Around 3pm everyday the cloud roll in but it is still the try season so it didn’t rain creating fantastic cloud formations. Chris was disappointed that the “giant ball of radiation fire” was not more visible to give him a tan, so we returned yesterday – earlier in the day – for more radiation.

Being my mother’s daughter I slathered myself in sunscreen and only laid in direct sunlight for 20 min. giving me a nice glow of color. Chris on the other hand, only let me put sunscreen on his tattoo and laid in the sun for an hour… lets just say he is hurting today. Got a bit sick because of all the sun and is radiating heat which isn’t good when it’s already too hot out.

The beach in Hoi An is beautiful, white sand, long stretches for walking and good fruity drinks. My only complaint is the waves are small 😉


One comment on “Beach Days

  1. Christina
    March 25, 2009

    Call the WHAMMMBULENCE< the waves are too small. haha. Sounds like a blast. I had a fruity drink too the other night, but it was on the square in Sonoma. oH well.
    Hope you are well.

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