Tre Lost

Enter Cambodia

NEWS FLASH: Annetta bought her plain ticket. I got the e-mail confirming her arrival in Siem Reap on the 2nd just before I got on the bus.

At 6am this morning my alarm woke me up and by 7 I was on the bus trying to fall asleep to Cambodian Karaoke songs. The six hour bus was not as bad as I thought it would be, the young guy next to me from Singapore helped me threw the visa process. He was appalled that I was traveling in Cambodia alone and insisted on getting me a tuk-tuk and making sure I got to my guest house ok when we arrived in Phenom Penh

Thanks to Roy I arrived safely. The next problem was money… I had none. Cambodia operates mostly on USD and I needed something other than the last $50 I had. I found grabbed on of the tuk-tuk drivers from outside my guest house and headed to a travel agency he said cashed travelers checks. The problem became that my signature is EXACTLY not the same all the time, so after five ladies looked at my check, my passport and my driver’s license they said no. Next stop the bank, again “Your signature not the same” but this time I convinced them to let me talk to management. She was confused that each time I signed it looked different and that ever form of identification I had with me had the same name and a girl with different color and cut hair. I reassured her that all the girls in the picture were me and finally I got the cash, mostly USD and a few reils instead of American coins.

I will spend a few days here before heading to Siem Reap to meet Scoutt and Annetta.


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