Tre Lost

Saigon Day #2

March 27th 2009, 11pm
An hour ago I put Chris in a cab for the airport and wished him a safe flight home.
Along again and packing my bags for Cambodia, 5 days until Scoutt arrives.
For Chris’ last day in Vietnam we took the all day tour to Cu Chi Tunnels and the Caodai Great Temple. The temple looks like something out of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.. the religion about the noes. Caodai is a new religion that worships Victor Hugo in addition to Chinese and Vietnamese holly men. We watched a prayer ceremony from an upper cat walk in the temple… interesting.
The Cu Chi Tunnels used by the Viet Cong guerrilla fighters, were fascinating although as strongly slanted to the side of the Communist party as yesterday museums were. How the Cu Chi people lived in the tunnel systems and bunkers threw the war amazes me. We crawled threw a tourist sized tunnel that Chris barely fit in. The whole time I tried to imagine what it must have been like for the American boys who fought here and I couldn’t. I guess that’s the point, no one who wasn’t there at that time could.

On our way back to Saigon we spent at least an hour stuck in rush our traffic, motorbikes 8 or 9 deep on all sides of us. Whole families on one bike, Dad, mom and two kids. It kept me entertained while Chris worried about catching his flight. We did get back the hotel in plenty of time and randomly a friend of Chris’ from Seattle was in Saigon so we met him for drinks and dinner at the corner and exchanged travel stories. Nick is hysterical and we traded e-mail addresses because we will both be in Bali during the same time period.


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