Tre Lost

“Hello Lady, Tuk-tuk?”

“Hello Lady, Tuk-tuk?” is a phrase I have grown to hate in the last three days. It is the call of every tuk-tuk driver when I leave my guest house, attempted to walk down the street, cross the street or leave a restaurant. They are really aggressive and I even had one follow me for a block and a half asking me why I didn’t want a ride. All you can say is “No Thank you.” Anything else and they “lose face” and get angry. I can’t tell you how much I want to snap; yell, scream, curse or channel Amber’s way with words, but I just smile and say “No Thank you.”

Phenom Penh is not my city. It is the first place that I don’t feel safe walking around. Between the tuk-tuk drivers, the street kids begging and the consent drug offers, my expedition yesterday to explore the city turned into a short walk to the nearest cafe and a long time sitting there watching the world go by. By the time I got back to the guest house I has shattered, went to my room and watched Nat Geo Adventure for 2 hours. (By the way, why don’t I get that channel at home?)

When I finally did come down stairs, I met two guys; an Australian who biked down Vietnam for charity, and a Lithuanian who couldn’t believe I knew where his country is. They were headed to dinner, so I stored my purse back in my room and walked with them to a small locals restaurant where I had some veggies. Even with two guys with me I still had constant comments from Tuk-tuk drivers, what’s worse was the number of propositions the guys got from skantaly clad women – more accurately girl. I will not be going out at night here any more.

The major thing to do in Phenom Penh is going see the Killing Fields and S-21 where the Khemr Rouge, under Pol Pot, torched people before killing them. Both places require taking a tuk-tuk or a moto and to be honest I don’t know if I have the stomach for either of them. If I can met some people who want to go, I may be able to convince myself to go, we will see

I have two days left here until I head to Siem Reap to meet Scoutt and Annetta and I can’t wait to see them.


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