Tre Lost

Welcome to Siem Reap

Although the 6 hour bus ride was harrowing at times, I am so glad that I decided to leave Phenom Penh behind and head to Siem Reap a day earlier than planed.
I arrived at 4pm, got settled in the guest house I had booked via internet, its a 5 min moto ride from the main town and a bit on the shabby side. In desperate need of food and a nicer place to stay, I grabbed a moto into town and was thrilled to find a maze of restaurants, bars and food stalls. The sky was getting dark and I wanted to secure a guest house for the next few days as Scoutt and Annetta arrive so I found woman selling lychee and bought a bag. Taste tropic fruit in hand, I headed over the river and booked a beautiful, although slightly out of my price range, guest house called the Golden Banana.

Guest House Booked… Check, now time for food. Back to the maze of restaurants where I found the first vegetarian restaurant, or even vegetarian friendly, in Cambodia. A girl was sitting alone at a table with an empty plate so I asked her how the food was. She beamed about the food and invited me to sit in the empty chair at her table. Jen and I talked for hours as a eat a plate of eggplant and rice that was nearly a religious experience. After a week of eating veggies cooked in fish sauce I am more than trilled to find that Siem Reap can do Veggy!

My world is a better place, I’m happy and shaking with excitement that I pick Scoutt and Annetta up from the airport tomorrow at 7:30am.


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