Tre Lost

72 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Sitting in an interenet cafe in Siem Reap a week ago Annetta and I did the mad interwebs search for the cheapest way to get from Cambodia to Bali. The end result was a 72 hour stop-over in Kuala Lumpur before taking the 3 hour flight to Bali.

It was an unexpected stop-over. So unexpected infact that I had purposfully ripped the Malaysia pages out of my South East Asia Lonely Planet to save on weight. So to Kuala Lumpur we went with no guide book and no idea what to do or see there. Thanks to we were successful in finding a pleasent guest house, Madihari Lodge, in the Chinatown district right next to both the Central Market and the Pensar Seni light rail station. But by hour 6 it was clear we would need a guide or at the very least a food guide to deal with Scoutt’s eatting needs.

It has been decided that Scoutt is a dancing bear in the circus that needs to be kept happy with tasty treat or else…, Annetta is “No touchy the monkey before 10am and a cup of coffe” and I am a hamster that needs hamster snacks at 2 hour intervals. All of us came down with stomach issues that we now call simply “the ick” or “the funk.” However with only 72 hours to explore the city no amount of “the ick” would slow us down.

Scoutt had seen a History Channell special about the Patronis Twin Towers and was all kinds of fastinated with them. At first I wasn’t very gun-ho but seeing them up-close and personal at night will change anyone’s mind. They are gorgous, and the park built around it puts Golden Gate Park to shame… performing fountains, childrens park, running paths, a wading pool with waterfall and plenty of beautiful trees in full bloom dropping their flowers so we could put them in our hair. Something to behold, especially for a city center.

In our last 6 hours we took the bus an hour out of town to the Batu Caves, the home of an active and ancient Hindu shrine. The shrine itself pailed in comparison to the size and scope of the limestone caves, and geological features. We climed 272 stairs to reach the mouth of the cave and we were accompanied by a family of monkeys playing on the stairs, being picturesque and beging touch by stupid Chinese tourist with a death wish. One monkey found a coke can that someone had left behind and possed with it for the “best coke ad ever” before it was stolen by another monkey and became the prized object among the group.

We caught the bus back to the guest house, feed Scoutt and found the bus to the airport in time to arrive with 20 min wiggle room in our plan. Off to Bali.


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