Tre Lost

Bali At Last

There are four signifficant things that happened when we landed in Bali;

1. Scoutt in the home land: I have always thought that Scoutt, being half Balanese and having no cultural upbringing or referance, had to see Bali and experiance where half of his genetics came from. After years of talking about it he is finally here.

2. Crossing the equater: Our flight took us over the equater, and although we did not do it by boat as I had hope we are no in the Southern Hemosphere where all three of us have never been. We still haven’t figured out if the toilets flush the other way here.

3. My Passport is full: Thanks to many full page visas my passport is compleately full with only enough space to get a stamp heading in to Singapor where I will hopefully be able to get extention pages.

4. 24 at 24 Indonesia is the 24th country that I have visited in the 24 years of my life. I will continue to travel and from here on out I hope to always have more countries under my belt than years.

Bali is beautiful; weather, landscapes, temples, art, crafts… everything is beautiful. We are staying in a guest house in the middle of the rice fields outside of Central Ubud. A two level house with two king size beds and a woman who cooks us what ever we want for breakfast every morning for $25/night for two and $10 extra for each additional person. The house is detailed and perfect and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.


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