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Additional Passport Pages #1

I have run out of pages in my passport. “No biggie” I thought. I jumped on the internet and found the Consular Agency in Bali. Scoutt and I tagged along with Annetta on her way to the airport to pick up Josh and we got dropped off at the office in Denpesar.

We arrive at 12:03…

“Sorry Miss we are closed.”

“Are you kidding me? Closed for the rest of today?”

“Closed until 1pm… What you want?”

“I just need more pages for my passport.”

“Oh.. 3 or 4 days… I get the paperwork”

“3 or 4 days!?!?! for additional pages? I am leaving the country on the 20th”

The guard returns with the paper work and I stress looking at the calender and realizing that there are exactly 4 business days between today and the 20th when I leave for Singapore. Paperwork bla bla… asking for information I don’t have like a phone number in Bali and an emergency contact in Bali.

I’m done with the paper work. Scoutt and I are sitting in front of the gates to the agency waiting, watching the traffic go buy and getting hotter by the minute.

I inform Scoutt, who has fallen asleep that we have 5 min.

In true South East Asia form, I am informed by the guard that it will be another 5 min. 5min can in S.E.A can translate in three ways;
1. An imperial calculation of 5 min
2. A hippie 5 min, which is more like 15 min
3. SEA 5 min meaning sometime in the future what ever you are waiting for will happen.

I fear the worst.

It seem that imperial time keeping is happening at the Consular Agency today. We are both let in and searched. I have to hand over my camera and the zipper on my skirt is questions, Scoutt relinquishes his LeatherMan before it becomes an issue and we are lead down a drive way to a small house.
Again we wait.

I’m told I can go up the window. Behind the window I find a mousey man who looks eirrally like my accounting professor. He explains that starting in February Consular Agencies can no longer give out extra pages and that everything has to be sent to the embassy on a different island. He’s a nice guy and clearly isn’t used to dealing with people who are rational, so I give him my passport and ask him to wish me luck because if I don’t get the extra pages I’m hosed. He smiles and laughs, takes my passport and I cross my figures.

Negotiate for a ride back to Ubud. 150k RP ~ $15.

Keep your figures crossed for me that the pages come in my Monday or I will miss my flight and be stuck here.


One comment on “Additional Passport Pages #1

  1. christina
    April 15, 2009

    Bali- not a bad place to be stuck in for the rest of your life… or until the pages come in. I guess thats what “deb pool forgot”… ! can’t they use the back page too? much love Christina

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