Tre Lost

Monkeys in Bali

We went to the Monkey Forest in Ubud and spent that late afternoon watching the monkeys play around the sanctuary and the temples.

Monkeys Monkeys everywhere. Swinging from trees and peeing on a tourist, sitting in Scoutt’s lap eating a yam, fighting on the ground and running up a man’s body to steal the banana. Cute little monkeys sitting on each others heads while mommy monkeys nurse their babies and old monkeys school the young one running around them. There was a massive call from the threes to the left of were we stood and a stampeed of monkey ran to see what was happening. There was a fight and you could almost imagine them saying “Fight Fight Fight!!!” as the hollered.

Scoutt was sitting on a bench and a small monkey crawled into his lab. He just sat there eating his yam as if Scoutt wasn’t there. When the monkey realized that Scoutt was there, he startled and made a swipe for Scoutt’s face and nearly fell backwards.

DON’T touch the Monkeys!!! But they are so cute…

Sadly the lighting was bad for taking pictures and most of them came out blury but don’t worry we are going back when Josh gets here.


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