Tre Lost

Fish, Coral and Shipwrecks

With Josh making us a gang of four, we hired Komang to drive us on the long road to Amed, a string of coastal villages on the north coast of Bali. There are two roads to Amed; one that is the road most traveled taking the big roads past the big surf towns, and one that is the road less traveled winding through the rice fields, banana plantations and small villages with beautiful view of Mount Agung obscured by dense clouds. We took the road less traveled and spent at least 4 hours with our eyes wide soaking in the beauty all around us.

We arrived to Amed around 3pm to find a rain storm brewing over Mount Agung with winds pushing it our direction but the air was warm so as soon as we were settled in our rooms at Bali Amed Hotel ($10/night/room) we were floating in the water of the safe little cove steps away from our hotel. Warm, blue water and the clouds in the sky protecting us from the hot sun. We met yet another Made (pronounced Ma-day, the name for the second child in the family) on the beach hanging out in the water with us who had a snorkel with him. He let us barrow it, taking turns looking at the fish right under our feet. We were hooked and we agreed to meet him the next day and rent snorkeling equipment from him.

Friday we snorkeled in the cove, exploring the reef there and all the fish living in it. Angel fish, clown fish, barracudas, eel, little blue ones and Josh found a blow fish.

Saturday, Annetta, Josh and I went with Made on a small sail boat to a cove about a mile away where a Japanese ship had sunk during World War II. Josh jumped in immediately swimming right on top of the wreck, but Annetta and I took a different route. We could see the wreck from the boat, it was right under us, looming in the dark water – creepy, creepy, creepy. So we jumped off the boat and swam directly away from the wreck, shuttering every time we looked back at the ship. We had a mini-anxiety attack, laughing hysterically and taking water into our masks.

“No fucking way” was Annetta’s response and I was inclined to agree.
“Doomtastic Epic Fail” I said, as I realized that we are the ones constantly fascinated by “Doom” and here we were refusing to float over a wrecked ship because it was creepy! So we looked at fish for a while and got the courage up to go near the wreck.

First near the wreck, then over the bow, then completely over it to the side that had a 50ft drop into the dark doomtastic water. It was CREEPY! But a total Team Doomtastic Win and now we can say we dove a shipwreck.

Food Note:For our three days in Amed we eat every meal at either Cafe Indah on the beach or Warung Kadek on the road. Both places had amazing Balinese food. Cafe Indah had the best Arak drinks (the local spirit) but Warung Kadek had the best lemon juice and grilled prawn AND hot pop-corn is served before every meal. Also Warung Kadek played a Balinese Punk band called Nano Diru Baduda while Cafe Indah was likely to have a band playing bad acoustic covers of mediocre soft rock and the ubiquitous Bob Marley songs.


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