Tre Lost

All Things Toyota

7:30am Woke-up and ate breakfast in our room.
8:30am On the first of three trams and a bus that took us to the Toyota Headquarters.
11am Met up with the English tour and got on yet another bus to the factory.
11:15am Watched in amazement as at least 20 robots spot welded sheet metal into the form of a car.
“wow… cool” – Scoutt
11:45am Back on the bus.
12:00pm Stood over the final assembly line. Doors flew through the air, nuts were tightened, glass was instaled, robot carts followed works around as they did their work.
1pm Back on the bus.
1:15pm Back at headquaters.

It was amazing to see the factory floor from two very different perspectives; Scoutt’s having ripped apart these cars, put them back together and modified them to the Nth degree for so many years and mine having studied Toyota’s management and inventory timing system in school. We both really enjoyed the tour and were glad to have taken the many hour trek to get here.

Round trip Shinkansen tickets Tokyo-Nagoya-Tokyo = 42,300 Yen
Transit to and from the Toyota Headquarters = 4,520 Yen
Toyota Factory Tour = Free

Seeing Scoutt in the Toyota Factory = Priceless.

* Exchange rate 1 USD= 95.6 Yen


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