Tre Lost

Chilling in Tokyo

We are back in Tokyo and taking it slow… really slow… as in not getting out of bed until 11am and not leaving the house until 2pm.

Its nice not to feel like we need to go and do or see anything. We have been taking the bikes out from the hostel and checking out the area around us.

We live in the Ueno area, and under the train tracks, only 15 min ride from our door, is a crazy market, about 5 blocks square, full of shops of every kind. From high-end backpacking bags, to fresh fish vendors, to knock-off South West style jewelery and belt bucks, to gambling arcades and sushi boat restaurants. Last night we had a sushi dinner for all of $7.50.

We only have a few more days in Tokyo and then we head home. We are both ready to go home, see the cats and sleep in our own bed but loving every min. while we are here.


2 comments on “Chilling in Tokyo

  1. Nhatsu
    April 30, 2009

    You said you were living in Ueno, did you know there was a ninja place? I would like to know if it’s worth going there.

    • Tre
      May 1, 2009

      Hello Nhatsu,
      I looked up te Ninja Museum and really wanted to go but as it turns out Uenoshi Station is not in the Ueno district of Tokyo but is a completely different city about 3 hours away from Tokyo von a JR train.
      Thanks for the suggestions

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