Tre Lost

Drinks with Friends

Living at a hostel for 10 days puts you in a category of guest called “Hostel Rats”. When we arrived we met Bishop who had been at Tokyo Hostel for a month, he walked us to the train stations and showed us where to eat soba, and last night we officially became hostel rats.

Ai, our favorite receptionist, asked to join her for dinner with Malik, another hostel rat who has been hanging out so long that he actually live somewhere else and comes to the hostel for the free internet and the company. We went to a soba restaurant and laughed as Ai tried to convey to the waiter that Scoutt wanted vegetarian soba while not really understanding what vegetarian is herself . Food was good but the company made the food taste better.
Ai is historical, every stereo-type of a Japanese girl, giggling at us as we tried to slurp our noddles. Malik a DJ from Quebec who is trying to make it here in Tokyo for a few months before summer picks up at home and the festivals start. He may be DJing at Shangri-La Music Festival this year and is trying to convince us to drive up to BC and meet him.

After dinner it was back to the hostel with a bottle of rum and a giant can of coke in our hands. Up to the roof to watch the world go buy and mix some drinks. Nearly got locked up on the roof at 10pm. We went down stairs to the kitchen and preceded to get half the hostel drunk which required taking a bike to the store and buying more rum.

It was a fantastic night.


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