Tre Lost

Heading Home

In less than 24 hours Scoutt and I will be on a plane heading back to foggy – and from what I’ve heard, rainy – San Francisco.

Tonight we will say good-bye to Tokyo, pack our bag and make a list of all the food we will be eating when we get home (it will be a very long list).

Its been 63 days since I left San Francisco and I miss it like mad. This trip has been an amazing experience full of strange food, challenging adventures, beautiful places and captivating people. I am sad to be seeing the trip end but I am ready to go home, see my family, hang out with my friends, pet my dog, eat good food and compulsively plan for the next trip.

A few days from now I will post ALL my pictures on flickr, and add some post with recommendations for some of my favourite places from my trip. With any luck this blog will be used soon for new lost adventures in Europe or the back-roads of the States.

If you are one of the many people I haven’t seen in forever and would like to hang out, e-mail me. I am dedicating my first two days back to sleep and hanging with Kendra and my parents but after that I can’t wait to see you all.


One comment on “Heading Home

  1. christina
    May 4, 2009

    Hey little sister. Have a safe flight home. We’ll see you soon.

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