Tre Lost

One Week Later

We have been home for one week. So far I’ve hung-out with Kendra for 3 days straight, slept odd hours, saw Sarah before she goes to Italy, hung-out with my family, caught up on my “programs” and cussed at my computer while trying to download pictures. I’m getting close to being on a normal sleep schedule, Scoutt is still waking up at 4:30am but I have successfully moved that out to 6:30am. A 16 hour time change is hard to come back from. My brain still isn’t fully working but it’s good enough to get me through most days.

I still haven’t fully unpacked. There is dirty clothes at the boat waiting to be washed, e-mails to the people I’ve met along the way to be sent, and, because I’m home again and unemployed, a resume to be updated. There are plenty of tasty foods on the “I missed that” list to be eaten, and lots of friends to be seen.

It was an amazing trip but I am so glad to be home.

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