Tre Lost

The Drama of Pictures

I thought it would be simple; plug the iPod into the computer and press import, then sort pictures and press export… vuala all my pictures would be on Flickr. NO SUCH LUCK.

I’m downloading to my computer when it starts making funny noises, there is an error message telling me that it can not save the pictures because there is no room on my hard drive. Unplug the iPod, hook up my external HD and try to back up my iPhoto Library, but iPhoto has no love and the pictures don’t move. Take two, highlight all 4736 pictures in iPhoto and drag-and-drop them onto the HD. 3 hours later the picture have transfered over. I delete the photos off my computer.
“Ok I have 15 GB plenty of space”
Try again to download pictures from iPod, again no luck. My computer is seeing ghosts-of-pictures-past and thinks it still doesn’t have space.

Sleep on it.

Commondere Scoutt’s computer. Connect iPod. Download pictures.

With the pictures on Scoutt’s computer, it off to Flickr, but Flickr has no love for me. It refused to do a batch upload, it only wanted to allow me to upload 6 photos at a time, I have 3000+, that didn’t sounds like fun.

Cussing at Flickr, I stair at my Gmail account and see a link to “Photos”, click on it and begin falling in love with Picasa, Google’s answer to Flickr. With practically unlimited space, no monthly cap without paying for – it like Flickr, and a handy plug-in for iPhoto, it only took me 15 min to upload the 114 photos from Vietnam.

The long and short of it is, I have the Vietnam pictures up (Click here to see them), and I am working on editing the rest of the pictures and posting them.

More pictures to come with in the week.

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