Tre Lost

Take One: Epic Fail

Take One:
Massive headache, queezy stomach. Get up and going any way.

My head throbbing, I finish loading the Mazda and Kendra shows up. She’s got cramps and would rather be in bed, but the thought of being in Seattle with friends in two days keeps us both going.

The car is finally pack and as we make sure that our iPod will play through the radio, Scoutt takes a final look at the car.

“Shit” he says.

Kendra and I sit down… that is never good. He’s looking too hard at the back tires and shacking his head.

It seems that a man I not-so-lovingly call “Voldermort” -because yes he is that evil – borrowed the Mazda and smoked the tires while trashing the car. Scoutt rotated the tires when he got the car back on the promise that Voldermort would “Totally take care of it”. Of course he is not a man of his word and we are looking at one back tire that is not save to drive on.

8 phone calls later, we MAY have tires that can be put on the car in a hour or so. Meanwhile we still don’t know if we have a place to stay in Eugene and may have to drive the extra 4-5 hours to Portland where there are more options of couches.

Epic Fail!


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