Tre Lost

Take Two: Success

Take Two:
Two tire shops and 3 hours later, Kendra and I hit the road with a semi-used tire replacing the bad one at 1:30pm only four and a half hours later than planned. Not bad.

The drive up to Eugene was painfully long, but with the help of good food from Oliver’s Market and good music from Forest it wasn’t half bad. We drove through landscapes of amazing storm clouds over rolling mountains and passed Mt. Shasta. It wasn’t until the last few hours that we really started cracking… you can tell that its been too many hours in the car when the “Peanut” Voice comes out and everything seems funny. That’s when RENT hit the CD player and we sang at the top of our lungs from the California border through Ashland and most the way to Eugene.

10:30pm we arrived at a family friend’s house in Eugene, where we stretched and enjoyed a quite night in her back yard, drinking wine and talking for hours.

It’s late and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. 2 hours to Portland, lunch, then 3 hours to Seattle.

Night, night.


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