Tre Lost

Bouldering the Dreamers

There is nothing better then spending time with friends outdoors. I don’t know why when I’m home it seems impossible to tare myself from the house, car, cafe… long enough to be outside, let alone try to con a friend into being outside with me, what ever the reason I’m glad that vacation always seems to take me out.

Scoutt and I have been staying with our friends Zander, Gwen and their 3 month old baby, Decima, for the last few days in a beautiful house outside of Bishop, Ca. The weather has been cold but sunny and despite all odds – baby feeding, work calling, and computers pinging – we escaped the house in two 4×4 vehicles headed to the Sherwin Plato to climb the Dreamers.

The book lied when it said we needed 4×4 and ground clearance, the road was easy and after a few wrong turns we parked and walked in to the Dreamers. IMG_5317IMG_5335

Beautiful rock, surrounded by trees and mountains, I could not have asked for a more epic setting. Passing the baby from one person to the next we climbed problem after problem… or at least Zander and Gwen did. I mostly started problem after problem. Two hand holds, one foot, step up, shake for a sec, try to move one hand and fall… it got tiring after a while and I took to carrying the baby around taking pictures of the experienced climbers while Scoutt spotted.


Exhausted and baby crying, we packed up all our gear, hiked back to the cars and drove to the Crawly Hot Springs . Crawly or Wild Willy’s Hot Spring is one of my favorites, a long boardwalk goes through the marsh to a 6 or 8 person tub in the clay with view of the valley. For an hour or so we had the place all to ourselves, the perfect end to a great day.


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