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The Wild World of Applying for Jobs

In my post “Gen Y: From Student to Unemployed” I asked the question, What do we do?
To that question I have not found a fix-it answer but I have found ways of keeping myself from going insane. I have a bit of “compulsively organized” in my blood – Mom says it come from my great-grandmother Anna – so, to keep from going crazy I have developed calenders and to-do-list.

My To-Do-List:
Check Craigslist.
Check Career Builder
Check Monster
Follow anyone talking about jobs on Twitter.
Learn something useful everyday.
Apply for something that looks interesting

I have been following this to-do-list everyday for at least 30 days, so far it has yielded me lots of outgoing resumes, and one incoming email!

Four days ago, despite all odds, I received an email that said my resume was being considered and I should answer further questions to continue to be considered for the job. I can only imagine the poor HR woman who sent out this email, buried under thousands of resumes for one part time position, wishing for some sign from God that would tell her who to pick. I’m sure, as if in a cartoon, a light bulb turned on over her head when she had two hundred resumes that she liked, “I will ask them the first 6 questions I would ask in an interview and weed out half to three-quarter of them in the process.”

To that end there was an email in my inbox. The standard interview questions; your strengths, weaknesses, where do you see yourself in 3/5 years? When talking to friends about this new hoop in the application process, I got some of the funniest answers to the latter questions.

In 3 to 5 years I expect to be running the place, have put you out of a job, and be hiring a new young whipper snappers to take this position. Some how I didn’t think that would go over well.

In 3 to 5 years I will be doing the same job that I am applying for now. I have no intention of moving up in the world or learning something new Safe, no-threatening but not exactly the image I have of myself or my life… nor anything that anyone should tell an HR manager.

My personal favorite answer came, of course, from Annetta who always gives me books like “The 4 Hour Workweek”, In 3 to 5 years I hope to have figured out how to take my computer to a foreign country and work out of a cafe or to have married a sufficiently rich man so that I don’t have to work and can travel the world at will” Some how I didn’t think that would give the right impression – although… it does have a note of truth to it.

All questions answered, I have returned to my list and applied for yet another jobs that looks interesting. Wish me luck and the same to you fellow job seekers.


One comment on “The Wild World of Applying for Jobs

  1. Dad
    October 22, 2009

    You forgot: I am independently wealthy and just fill out applications to keep HR people employed.

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