Tre Lost

Balance of Planning

We have 21 days until Scoutt and I take two backpacks and run off for two and a half months in Europe. That fact is terrifying. How long have I been dreaming about this trip? Since I got home from Asia in 2009, or perhaps since I took my first big trip to Europe in 2006. You would think, with all that time to dreaming, I would have more planned.  But I haven’t.

Countless hours spent reading guide books and finding exciting locations on Atlas Obscura, hours of late night conversations with friends, and what do I have so show for it?
A plane ticket to and from London.
A Pinterest inspiration board.
Two festivals on opposite side of the continent, I intend to meet friends at.
A few circles on the map.


I try to remind myself of what I tell anyone preparing for a trip, it’s a balancing act. Finding the place somewhere between the compulsion to plan every train trip and hostel stay and showing up with nothing but time and a return ticket is a difficult thing.

I still have 21 days and a lot can happen in 21 days.  So, for now, I will breath and keep dreaming, reading, and planning.

Cha Cha might try to help.


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This entry was posted on January 25, 2012 by in Travel.
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