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6 Days in London

6 Days in London

Our 6 days in London were a blur of sleep deprived wonder highlighted by a trip to Camden Town, dead things in jars, and a tour of the Hidden London from Context Travel. We were hosted by the fantastic John Whiles, who we spent out evening talking to about his architecture, music, and the up coming Olympics in London.

Although we found ourselves sleeping only a few hours per night we managed to leave the house to take endless tube and bus rides and explore the city. We spent a full day walking central London, walking across three bridges and through three parks, discovering the unicorns guard the city, and enjoying the views from various hill tops.

Later in the week, we got lost in the endless maze of Camden Town’s markets,

met Archie, the Giant Squid,  at the Darwin Center or the National History Museum, and stood amid the remains of a Roman amphitheater that once entertained of the City of London found while building the Guildhall Art Gallery.

London is one of my favorite cities in the world, it was the city that inspired me at the age of 14 and made travel my life’s passion, and being able to share it with Scoutt this time around felt like I had completed the feedback loop.


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