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Street Art in Bristol: Banksy and So Much More

On Wednesday, we took the train from Paddington Station to Bristol.  Yes, it is north of London and more cold and rainy, but Bristol came highly recommended by our friends for three things:

1) Fantastic cloudy cider

2) Beautiful old buildings

3) Amazing street art

We enjoyed all three despite the cold and the rain.

Bristol is the home town of Bansky, one of the most well known street artist out there. 

While wandering up and down the streets and ally ways and getting lost chasing art pieces that wrapped around buildings, we where inspired by the artist’s of Bristol’s ability to turn abandoned buildings into canvasses.Here are a few of our favorites:

This fox carries a fire-hydrant on an abandoned commercial building on Nelson St.

This reading child was on the side of an old theater.

On old police station which is being converted into a youth center,

these birds and flowers where etched (or chemically pealed)

into the layers of pollution patina on the building walls.

The sign above the door reads:


This is on the side of a 12 story building.

To help us find Bristol’s hidden treasures we used this great interactive map.

For more photos check out this Picasa album.

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