Tre Lost

The Cranky and The Sick

This is the story of two kinds of traveler yuck hitting in the same week.

It started on Wednesday, Day 14 of our travels, with me getting cranky.  This is not unusual. There is something about the two week mark of a trip that makes me insane. Days 13, 14, and 15 of a trip will find me crying in a corner, overwhelmed by options or the lack of options, and missing my bed, my friends, and my [insert something minor here].  I was prepared for the traveling-cranky-pants; we had relocated to somewhere warmer, we had checked into a hostel with other humans but had kept a private room for me to freakout in.

The cure for my cranky is simple:

1) Do the opposite of what we’ve been doing. Trade in gray skies for sunny ones, private rooms and time alone with Scoutt for a youth hostel full of new people to meet…

2) Eat Gelato

3) Call home, or find someone on chat to talk to for a while and remind me that I’m on vacation and this is fun.

4) Wait for day 16 of the trip

That’s really all it takes.

On Friday night, Scoutt started complaining of a soar throat.  He went to bed early and woke up truly sick, which is unusual for him.

Sick is much harder to cure than cranky.

I’ve filled him full of European cough syrup, orange juice, and ginger/lemon tea, nothing seems to be working.  He’s slept in his dorm bed, in the living room, and in the sun on the patio. He’s becoming a pro sleeper while I am exploring this quiet town day after day.

This morning we discussed taking him to the hospital but he doesn’t have swollen glans and he hates doctors.  So, we wait, one more day of rest and over-the-counter drugs.

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This entry was posted on March 5, 2012 by in Portugal, Travel.
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