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Barcelona – Whimsy and Good Food

About a year ago one tweet set in motion a string of events that culminated in our stay in Barcelona.  @SFSlim recommended the people follow @supdegrave, the reason was simple, @supdegrave was starting an 18 month motorcycle trip around the world.  That was reason enough for me. Over the course of the year we chatted online and became good cyber buddies, passing travel tips and restaurant recommendations back and forth.  When Scoutt and I finally bought our tickets to Europe I knew we had to make it to where ever Stuart was.

Stuart landed himself a job in Barcelona, so a flight from Lisbon to Barcelona took us into his world.  Barcelona, we decided on day three, is the city of whimsey and good food.

The home of Catalan Modernism Architectures exemplified and made famous by Gaudi, Barcelona is full of whimsical architecture.  Buildings seems to melt from one side to the other. Covered in brightly colored tiles, they glisten in the sunlight and some times they even look like they are dancing.


My photos don't even being to capture the beauty.

Next to the modernism buildings even the Gothic buildings looked more whimsical then those of England and Portugal, as if by proximity they had become less serious.


Portugal has not been kind to us in the food department. They don’t really do breakfast, lunch is a meal eaten at home, and dinner does start until 8 or 9pm. Barcelona, on the other hand, greeted us with amazing coffee, pizza with honey on it, and the best tapas on toast that could ever be imagined.

Stuart took us to a standing room only restaurant – also highly recommended by Anthony BourdainQuimet i Guimet for a food-gasum on toast.  The walls are covered in bottles of wine and booze ranging in price from 20 Euro to 600 Euro, and the place was packed with a crowd loudly enjoying whatever food landed at their side.


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