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From Scoutt’s Seat

This is an unedited email that Scoutt sent his buddies at home.  It is so rare that he writes anything while we travel, in fact, the first time I left the country while we were dating I forced him to get an email account so we could communicate.  When he read this email to me before sending it I asked if I could publish it here so you could get a glimpse into our trip from his prospective, he agreed.  So here it is. 



well guys, this is the first and quite possibly the only e- mail i have sent (might be the last 🙂 ) we are in slovenia about 45 days into our trip and having a great time. traveling first into london were the weather was a mere 9c in the day and 5c at night, after a week of that we decided to move to bristol which is to the north a bit because london was not cold enough….then onto cardiff  in wales to visit some friends that live there.

as luck would have it the whole town was in upheaval over the rugby match that wales was in , it was the 3rd match of the 5 nations england, france,wales,ireland,and italy, and wales had won two already and if they won again it would be the equivalent of the triple crown win for rugby. well we went to a pub to watch the game, it was so packed that there was only standing room, well they won and the crowd went wild! it was kind of awesome to see .
then off to portugal to check out the coast, kind off slow and i got sick for 3 days, bummer. after i got better we went to barcelona in spain for about a week were we met with a friend of tre’s that was from washington state , he was on a world motorcycle tour and got stopped in barcelona and never left .

after that we went to milan in italy to see a fellow death guilder who is a professional belly dancer from oakland that gets flown all over the world to perform. so we got hang with her for a few days ( and really long nights, like 4 and 5 am long ugh so hard to be us). after that tre and i were about to hit our 9th year anniversary on march 20th so we went south to cinque terre which is the Italian riviera, it was totally awesome , beautiful  and restful. with picturesque coastal views and terraced hill sides of farming. unfortunately because of all the rest and relaxation my little gears got to turning……. the next thing we know we are off to florence to meet with the tera, the mother of two of my sisters, who is on holiday in italy for 3 weeks with some friends.

while we were there for two days the hamsters in my brain wouldn’t stop turning the gears….. and the night of our last day i found a motorcycle in the north of milan that met the criteria for importation to the u.s.

so the next day we left for milan, got picked up at the train station by a guy named karlo that looked like rod stewart i kid you not , he spoke good english and had traveled the world quite a bit by car and motorcycle. but now in his mid 50s with a house and a kid he was selling one of his 3 bikes to make room for a new one. because some of us never grow up. to make a long story short, he was totally stoked with helping us out and in 3 days we had a totally outfitted bike, )the gear and we were on our way, next stop slovenia.
from here hungry and we will see what happens next……

2 comments on “From Scoutt’s Seat

  1. Saffron Blue
    April 1, 2012

    Yay! Your adventures sound so fab! Sooooo cool!

  2. cesardagord
    April 1, 2012

    That’s a nice bike for adventure riding. Have fun!

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