Tre Lost

A Love Letter to Slovenia

Dear Slovenia,

I have fallen in love with you, fully and completely.

It was lust at first switch back.  Your country roads, dirt roads, linden tree lined roads, drew me deeper and deeper into the wood were a castle awaited me to fall asleep and awake as if Snow White to true loves kiss.

Predjama Castle

But you are not a one dimensional fairytale land, and I am not in love with only your Game of Thrones self.

I love your crass graffiti, your artist squatters, your organic cheese vending machines.  The contrast of your old men with their Communist scowls, and your young women with the fire in their eyes that only comes with recent war and independence makes my heart flutter with excitement.

The old man, the Yugoslavian soldier, you sent to talk to me, to tell me of the change of that building from prison to hostel, from dark to light, from stifling to creative, he made me fall in love with you now and then.

Dragon Bridge

Your dragons call to me at night, your Baroque architecture haunts my dreams.

Navje Cemetery

The way you can take a cemetery, hundreds of years old, and breath life into it, turn it into a place to sit, a place for dogs to run, a place for children to play, without taking away the place to remember those gone, is brilliant beyond any other I’ve seen.

Your unexpected plague columns make me squeals, your sunsets make me pause, and your chilly mornings ensure that my bones will never forget you.


I’ve left you know but my heart with always be with you.  I will return, of that you can be sure.


Ever in love,







2 comments on “A Love Letter to Slovenia

  1. Great post!
    I hope your romance lasts a lifetime and you see each other often. 😉

    Keep travelling and blogging about it!

  2. Greg Kodric
    April 4, 2012

    Amen to that!
    See you in Slovenia again soon.

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