Tre Lost

Hello Old Friend

Hello old friend, trusted companion, sturdy backpack,

For two years now, you have been living in the basement unused and gathering dust. It wasn’t for a lack of travel but for a very different type of travel. For two years, I have been traveling out of a rolling suitcase filled with computers and outfits that stratal the line between “I’m a professional”, ” You should trust me”, and “I’m only on the ground for 24 hours before my next flight.”

In 9 days this will all change. Once again I will be packing everything needed into a backpack. We’ll be putting away the worry of client’s first impressions and focusing on how to go two weeks without doing laundry, leaving hotels behind and immersing myself in homestay,  exchanging conference rooms for epic views, and turning away from grinding schedules and towards chance.

My dear friend, you will be filled with flexible clothing, the bare necessities of the connected world, and dreams. We’ll likely collect rocks along the way, maybe an hand craft of two, but mostly we will collect memories and photos.

In 9 days we are Peru bound, after that…. well… the world is calling.




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This entry was posted on June 6, 2016 by in Travel.


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