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Barcelona – Whimsy and Good Food

About a year ago one tweet set in motion a string of events that culminated in our stay in Barcelona.  @SFSlim recommended the people follow @supdegrave, the reason was simple, … Continue reading

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The Elusive WiFi

It’s been nearly two weeks since I posted and although I must take some of the blame for this, the majority of it was due to the elusive WiFi.  This … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Evora is Worth the 6 Hour Bus Ride

We hoped it was worth it. We hoped we would arrive and be blown away by the beauty of the city and the preservation of the antiquities. We were not disappointed.
5 reasons Evora was worth all the trouble of getting here:

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The Cranky and The Sick

This is the story of two kinds of traveler yuck hitting in the same week. It started on Wednesday, Day 14 of our travels, with me getting cranky.  This is … Continue reading

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Unplanned Stop in Portugal

A week ago we sat in a pub in Bristol, watching the rain fall outside and wearing three or four layers, when we looked at each other and said, “Somewhere … Continue reading

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Street Art in Bristol: Banksy and So Much More

On Wednesday, we took the train from Paddington Station to Bristol.  Yes, it is north of London and more cold and rainy, but Bristol came highly recommended by our friends … Continue reading

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The Deafening Sound of Wales Beating England

When we told Cynthia we were coming to Cardiff, Wales she responded with, “we’ll drag you to the pub where we sing songs and cheer on the team even though … Continue reading

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