Tre Lost

Scoutt learns Japanese

It was either starve or learn Japanese. Scoutt likes to eat and chose to learn Japanese… or at least kinda.

With the help of Bishop, the Alaskan hostel rat at Toyko Hostel, and Ai, the super cute receptionist, Scoutt learned the phrase “Yasai dake ni shite kudasai” which means “Please vegetables only”. Ai wrote it out for us in both Japanese characters and roman letters, then we practiced together until Ai stopped laughing at us for our mistakes.

Scoutt put his lesson to the test at the little noodle house where he had eaten cold, plain soba noodles for two meals already. He pointed to the noodles and tempura and repeated his phrase, pointing to the card Ai wrote for us.

“Yasai dake ni shite kudasai”

“Hyg” said the old lady and took his vending machine card from him. “Green” she said and walked away.
We sat a the counter and waited, hoping that something good would come back and sure enough it did.
Scoutt got a plate of cold soba noodles and a big chunk of tempura vegetables which he proceeded to scarf down and order more of.

Since his little Japanese lesson we have been back to the same noodle house for the same plate at least 4 times. Tasty!


One comment on “Scoutt learns Japanese

  1. Eileen Zakielarz
    April 27, 2009

    If you get a chance, try to get to Yokohama… ( 1/2 hr from Tokyo or at least it was 40 years ago)
    to see the sitting Buddha… Wonderful.
    I don’t know where else you are going in Japan, but I would recommend Kyoto and Nara… you see more of the OLD japan.
    Are the taxi drivers still retired Kamikazi bombers?
    Take care and Have Fun.
    Aunt Eileen

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